Bitrix (news, site) adds video call capabilities to its Intranet Portal product to offer virtual face-to-face chat, when instant messaging just isn't enough.

Face-To-Face View

Just a few months after the release of Bitrix Intranet Portal version 8.5, a new version of the product for the inward facing sites is due this month. It will add a host of new features, including video conferencing. Bitrix achieved this integration by tying up with Spirit DSP for its VideoPort communications system.

For both point-to-point and group calls, users can now see what everyone else is talking about. Intranet Portal comes in three editions, all of which will have a free peer-to-peer video call feature with a neat icon-based control panel.

Video conferencing rooms with up to twelve participants will be available, with one room offered as part of the Enterprise Edition. More rooms will cost US$ 299, although there's a launch offer of US$ 199.

As Spirit provides video conferencing for the likes of AT&T, HTC, Skype and many others, the quality should be tested out and proven.


Put names to faces across your enterprise with virtual conference rooms

An Intranet for All Seasons

Intranet Portal 9.0 will be available later this month in Office, Extranet and Enterprise editions, similar to the 8.5 range. Additional features will include integrated instant messaging, e-mail processing and social networking features.

The rest of the package provides everything a company needs to keep its staff informed. From corporate information, employee profiles, onboarding information and ways to search all the information and communicate with fellow workers. Intranet Portal is available as a 30-day trial from the Bitrix store.