Bitrix Releases Intranet Portal 8.5, Focuses on Collaboration, Culture
Back in May, Bitrix (news, site) released the Intranet Portal 8.0, which was full of new collaboration tools aimed at connecting people across the enterprise.

This week they’ve released Intranet Portal 8.5, which gives the enterprise even more flexibility and power. By implementing drag-and-drop functionality, most actions, from process construction to routine automation, take mere seconds and don’t require technical staff.

Easy Business Process Design

All organizations have business processes to manage. Bitrix now makes the creation of those processes as easy as drag and drop. Included with Bitrix Portal 8.5 are workflow and business process models that will support teams working within the Intranet.

The Workflow module is designed to support traditional approval workflow processes for documents. It includes three statuses including Draft and Published, but also supports the creation of custom statuses by a portal administrator.

You can create both status driven and sequential business processes that act on a piece content or a document.


Bitrix Sequential Business Process

Additional Modules

Drag-and-drop is just one of the ways 8.5 stands out. Intranet Portal 8.5 seeks to address the evolving needs of Enterprise 2.0 with a few new modules.

  • Extranet Module: You can now provide a protected workspace shared between internal team members and outside customers or partners. The Extranet Module includes collaboration and communication capabilities, including workgroups, calendars, social networking, reporting, task and workflow management, blogs, polls, knowledge base and gadgets.
  • Site Controller module: By integrating with Bitrix Site Manager, businesses can connect branch offices via an intranet, providing the ability to exchange data between all layers of the Bitrix platform including internet, extranet and intranet.
  • Web Analytics module: The need to monitor community activity is critical both for troubleshooting and for understanding user activity. All activity can be monitored, analyzed, and reported on.
  • Event scheduler: Timeslots based on the participants’ schedules and instant meeting room booking can be searched, identified and reserved.


Bitrix Portal 8.5

The Enterprise's Social Dimension

With these new features, Bitrix hopes to capitalize on the social dimension of work and leverage significant employee involvement. From scheduling to advanced search, the Intranet has been transformed into an interface where all your needs can be met.

Offering three editions, tailored to meet specific needs of the Office, Extranet and Enterprise, Intranet Portal 8.5 can facilitate collaboration and communication for small businesses to large corporations. For those already using the Bitrix Intranet platform, an upgrade is only one click away and can be done in real-time.

You can learn more about the new 8.5 Intranet via video demo.