Bridgeline Introduces Quick, Inexpensive Web CMS Solution
Just realized you need a website up and running fast? Bridgeline Software (news, site) has the answer for you. They have created a new web content management solution called iAPPS Rapid Site -- the ability to get a website, intranet or web application up and running in 5 weeks, in 5 steps.

Interested? Read on.

A Website in 5 Weeks in 5 Steps

Bridgeline's iAPPS Rapid Site is a combination of services and technology solution. With the help of Bridgeline's design and interactive technology strategy teams, you will come out at the end of 5 weeks with a fully customized and branded website.

The five steps are typical for any website implementation project: Discover, Template, Design, Build and Deploy.

Bridgeline does most of the work here, with your direct input. There are 18 templates to choose from. Select 8 and have the Bridgeline team create up to 25 branded pages for your website. All you have to do is manage your website content.

A Content Managed Solution

Built on the iAPPS Content Manager, this is a hosted solution for either an internet, intranet, portal or web application. Here are just a few features that you get:

  • Inline Content Editing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Simple and Custom Workflows
  • Automatic Page Tagging

You also have the option of integrating iAPPS Analytics with your solution to get visitor, traffic and trend analysis. In addition you have the ability to customize your site for specific visitor segments and profiles.

Growing with You

To get you started, you will need US$ 38,000 plus US$ 600 per month for Tier 1 data center, 24/7 supported hosting. If you decide to include iAPPS Analytics, add another US$ 450 to that. Included in this price is the training required to get your content editors up to speed on managing content.

But don't think it stops there and you are stuck with the same website. Bridgeline does offer a number of additional services if your needs change. These services include newsletter distribution, customized web development, lead generation, custom page templates, SEO and more. Of course, added services come at an added price.

Have Bridgeline Look After You

Bridgeline has had success with its SaaS-based content management services, with a 166% increase over their net numbers from Q308. Adding this new solution to the mix may add to that growth.

There are many companies who don't have internal development teams to help get web solutions up and running, so a hosted solution, built by expert teams is an ideal way to achieve results quickly.

To get more information on iAPPS Rapid Site, have a look at the Bridgeline website and request more information.