CNW Group Introduces MediaRoom for PR professionals
In August of last year, the CNW Group, a provider of news and information distribution services for communication professionals, launched their social media release, the evolution of their multi-media release which includes print, audio, video and Internet and a little more.

Now they go another step in supporting the needs of communication professionals with the release of the CNW MediaRoom, an externally hosted website that integrates into a company's website, providing the ability to quickly and easily provide communications like press and social media releases.

Content Management for Communications

Basically, the CNW MediaRoom is a hosted very simple web content management solution dedicated to communications for an organizations. It's designed to be integrated into an organization's website and be the communications or news section of that website.

Designed for the non-technical user, it enables marketing and communications people to easily create and modify text, upload photos, videos and more.


CNW MediaRoom Example


The MediaRoom is branded to the organization's website, containing only the features that you want and you never know you are really looking at a separate hosted website.

Other features include:

  • Dark Pages: These are pre-configured sets of pages that are used for crisis or other situations. They are not shown until the need arises.
  • Automatic Update of News Releases: When a news release crosses the CNW Group newswire, they are automatically populated in the MediaRoom.
  • Highly Available: Availability is 24/7

If you have a website that isn't currently content managed, but is more static and requires a technical person to help keep it updated, then this hosted solution is something to look at. Of course, if you have a Web CMS in place, then you probably don't need this solution.

Interested in learning more about the CNW MediaRoom? Check out their website.