We finished with conference day 1 of J.Boye 2011. Today I’ve focused on the web content management and online strategy tracks, attended Bob Boiko’s opening keynote and unfortunately managed to disrupt the HTML5 session conducted by Philippe Le Hegert of the W3C with a blood-curdling scream.

The Keynote: Social Media and Information Strategy

Bob Boiko, who has done everything from information strategy consulting to software development to teach to write, presented the conference’s first keynote address (see our write-up here). Boiko questioned the audience thus, asking for a show of hands:

"Is this the information age? Is information a key asset? Is information power?"

He then launched a discussion of how social media is simply another mechanism for conversation despite the hype surrounding it.


Boiko noted that social media, like other information streams in the enterprise, should be part of a larger information strategy, not a reaction to "well, everyone’s Tweeting."

The keynote address was just the start of the constant diet of content offered at conference day 1 of J.Boye. Attendees immediately dispersed to round-table filled conference rooms to concentrate on the tracks for the day.

Online Strategy and Web Content Management

The online strategy track started with a discussion of understanding business goals BEFORE picking tools. How about that?

After a brief break, Marko Hurst of Huge presented Delivering Enterprise Content Strategy. He started with a definition of content strategy and then, using his project experience, Hurst explained a process for defining content strategy and the importance of developing a vocabulary for your organization. Hurst said,

“Content analysis has to be a core deliverable. You have to know what the hell you have.”

Hurst stressed that a content strategy isn’t just about web, but the entire content ecosystem.

After content strategy, I stayed for the governance related sessions:

The Collier presentation, which started with a technology overview of innovation in the last several thousand years,



 was more focused on the strategic aspects of governance, while Lande’s was a bit more of a tactical nature.




We typically don’t associate agility with governance, but it is possible. Collier's model to remain nimble include an iterative cycle of:

  1. Monitor
  2. Define goals
  3. Listen to constituents
  4. Prioritize needs
  5. Prototype
  6. Standardize
  7. Operationalize
  8. Evaluate
  9. Do it all again (iterate)

This process allows your governance process to evolve based on organizational needs instead of clinging to a model that is no longer optimal.

Web Content Management: HTML5

At J.Boye, attendees can mix and match tracks. I actually started my morning with a technical overview of HTML5, in the web content management track, presented by Philippe Le Hégaret of the W3C's Interaction Domain. Hégaret led the audience through a high-level review of the evolution of web technology standards over the last decade.


The W3C at J. Boye 2011 -- The Web Client in 2001 vs. 2011

Given that HTML5 contains over 100 specifications, only an overview would have been practical or HTML5 would have been transformed into its own track. In addition to the overview,  the presentation included:

  • a visually appealing demo of HTML5 video support using scalable vector graphics (SVG) and canvas, which Hégaret followed with a discussion of the trade-offs between the two graphics approaches
  • discussion of improvements in HTML forms
  • discussion of the state of CSS

The session did not mention one of my favorite new HTML5 specs, the Calendar API, released as a working draft earlier this month.

It was not this omission, however, that was my greatest source of concern.  During the video presentation, a large (and menacing) cockroach scurried across my foot resulting in a dropped iPad2 and two screams at the top of my lungs. Special thanks to Dan from the Judge Group for killing the giant bug and to Philippe Le Hégaret for his patience with my outburst. Well played, gentlemen. Well played.