If your husband was a pro plumber and the toilet got backed up, you wouldn't hire "Joe Does Johns" from up the street to fix the problem, would you? Oracle might. Though it already offers comprehensive Web CMS solutions, and pours considerable resources into improving its offerings in the arena, it's chosen Joomla! and a Joomla-specific web developer to build its latest major web portal. Last year the enterprise software and database giant snapped up top-shelf Enterprise CMS provider Stellent for US$ 440 million, partly to augment its own Web CMS technology. In April we saw what it did with its new toy when it released Oracle Universal Content Management 10g-3, a rebundling of Stellent's Universal Content Management framework. The California giant is not short of options with regard to CMS frameworks to build websites around, so the decision to utilize Joomla! is something of a surprise. The site in question is www.oraclehealthinsurance.com, the home of Oracle WCE Health Insurance, an enterprise software offering for health insurers. The health insurance sector is a rapidly growing one, which already boasts general administration tools on the enterprise side (HI Backoffice), analytics and mandatory compliance reports for government bodies (HI Analytics), and a product enabling customers and clients to query data and update accounts on their browsers (HI SelfService). The Health Insurance section of Oracle is run by an intimate 70-strong team in De Meern in The Netherlands. Frans Elberse, Manager Sales for Oracle Health Insurance , explains why he went down the Joomla road. "Joomla was an obvious choice being the leading and award winning Content Management System and since several Partners and Clients of Oracle already utilize Joomla!, experiencing a significant reduction in operational costs through easy maintenance and reliability, the selection of Joomla! as platform was easy made." It might not be so easy to escape the fiery glare of Larry Ellison at the next company picnic, methinks. Specialist Joomla! developer Joomadesk was drafted in to build the website. And a very good thing too: it's nicely put together, with the usual features you would expect, plus a well-integrated slideshow widgit on the home page and a very handy map widget on the "Contact" page. ** Apologies to Joomadesk for incorrect information pertaining to them included in the original article. The Joomadesk Professional Services Organization is a well know household-name in the community and all together we supported so far 12,200 assists on the Joomla-forum, published 40 tutorials and we provide commercial services to a fast growing number of clients (to date 2,587 Joomla-users) and have build over 427 websites in Mambo and Joomla. The Joomagroup are a full-time commercial organization and serve/support our clients 365/7/24 around the globe in all timezones with 16 professional support engineers and our Joomastudio designers and developers (9) deliver from our studio’s in Netherlands, Canada and Asia (Singapore and Bali-Indonesia) Joomla-driven websites to the world.