DotNetNuke Offers Content Staging in New Enterprise Edition of Web CMS

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DotNetNuke Offers Content Staging in New Enterprise Edition of Web CMS
Never one to slow down it seems, DotNetNuke (newssite) has some new capabilities across its range of open source web content management editions, and a new edition altogether.

Goodbye Elite, Welcome Enterprise

To make room for a completely new edition of the DotNetNuke Web CMS, DotNetNuke has bid farewell to its Elite edition. The Elite Edition first made its appearance in September of last year. There were two Elite Editions: regular and Premier, both comprising the code from the Professional Edition, plus added support.

Now to be honest, this sounds more like a name change from Elite to Enterprise. The new Enterprise Edition includes the Professional Edition plus Elite Support, and a new key feature: content staging.

Content Staging in Enterprise

Any enterprise Web CMS should have content staging -- the ability to set up a non-production version of your website for testing -- because no organization in their right mind pushes updates (major content updates or code) directly to production.

Content Staging in DotNetNuke Enterprise offers the following:

Learning Opportunities

  • Compare your staging server configuration against production to identify differences and provide a detailed report of planned changes (both tree view and tabular).
  • An audit feature records all publishing events made to production for review.
  • For modules that support the iPortable model you can create a whitelist used to indicate those compatible should push both settings and content to production and those not to push settings only.

Content Staging also includes a secure publishing function that allows you to push your site from staging to production when you are ready.

Content Localization For All Editions

DotNetNuke has also released content localization capabilities for all editions of the open source Web CMS. The new capabilities allows content administrators to view and manage all translated versions of their web pages. Configuration mapping tools are included that help keep translated pages synchronized across a website.

New Elite Support

While the Elite Edition goes away, Elite Support does not. This new support option is available for both Professional and Enterprise Edition and has a number of differences from the Standard Support option:

  • Phone Support, in addition to Online Support
  • Shorter Response Times (2 business hours instead of 8 b business hours)
  • Longer Support Hours

There are some welcome new features with this announcement. Both content staging and content localization are important capabilities for any website that has a global presence.