Drupal CMS Buzzr Snatches eCommerce Site Tipzu
Buzzr acquires its fellow Drupal-based monetize-your-hobby-or-business service Tipzu to generate momentum for the currently-private alpha project. 

We love playing join the dots in these stories. Tipzu was founded in 2007 by Chad Gracia, who launched the site on the back of his success with actortips.com. Tipzu, which went with the simple premise of "Start your own online business now" gets snapped up by Ed Sussman (of online media service Mansueto Digital fame) who is partnering with others to launch Buzzr with much the same concept.

As both are based on Drupal, tying the two services together won't be too much of a stretch. What will be of interest is how much better, easier to deploy or slicker Buzzr's drag and drop creation system will be over Tipzu. As a hosted system, Buzzr creates a visual design layer on top of Drupal so users don't have to know how to manipulate the code or worry about the technical side.

There's a rather old but insightful video that you can view, where creation is handled thanks to templates, widgets and a healthy dose of drag-and-drop. The comments to the video provide an interesting angle on the development. It is also easy to imagine how this could have come on in recent months.The interface and usability side are thanks to Karen McGrane of Bond Art & Science, a partner in the venture.

Ignoring the role reversal of the startup buying the established service, this has the potential to boost the popularity of Drupal even if end-users do not realize that they are utilizing it. Other developers have already expressed an interest in mimicking the overlay features for their own ends, so we could also see many clone services, or people taking this idea and running with it in new and cooler ways.

With a private beta planned but no word on an eventual release, keep your eyes open for Buzzr as a better way of building a personal or company site.