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I admit it. I stop to ask directions when I am lost and I always watch the online tutorial offered when using a new product. Whether it be for a new Web-based app for the iPhone or the latest in Web design tools I marvel at their succinct ability to demonstrate the most challenging of hoops and hurdles. I guess it has the same appeal of cooking shows and anything marketed as DIY. It all just looks so easy. So I was particularly excited to review the new Ektron Learning Center. Ektron is a company whose Web CMS product aims to provide customers with a one-stop, feature-rich solution at an affordable cost. Features have been their strong point. Now figuring out the who, what and how of these features has gotten easier. The new Learning Center is a resource for clients, partners and tire-kickers alike. It currently offers 25 Flash videos running between 3 and 5 minutes each, and covers a solid range of topics from CMS feature to back office administration to development. I spent a better part of my later afternoon watching all of them, and amateur narration aside, the resources provided are useful and impressive. True, it's nothing fancy. But it offers lots of information presented in a succinct format. And it kept me interested and entertained. Having not been all too familiar with their product, I never felt overwhelmed by any of the information, even as it ranged from website administration to XML functionality. And that's a key element of online tutorials: being able to relate to the full range of users. Most of the videos were produced with the PC-based user in mind. They feature Internet Explorer and Outlook in staring roles throughout -- an aspect that may calm the nerves of anxious first timers. The Learning Center succeeds in offering the Ektron customers an extensive and growing library of how-to's and what-for's. So whether or not you're the type to read the instructions before playing a game, this resource deserves bookmarking. Check it out here.