Ektron's CMS400.NET was their first native .NET Web Content Management System (CMS). With much of the purchasing world fragmented into .NET or J2EE and the SMB market slanted towards .NET, this was a wise move, and one that has reaped strong returns for the company.Recently announced, Ektron's CMS400 now supports ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and ASP as well as ASP.NET for integration, customization, and the presentation layer of websites built upon the product.According to Ektron, the new multi-platform support allows Web developers to continue using programming languages they are skilled in, while leveraging the most up-to-date functionality of CMS400.NET."With multi-platform support, Ektron enhances the developer's experience by giving developers the option to use languages they are most comfortable with, while ensuring delivery of a robust site in little time, for little cost," says Ektron CEO, Bill Rogers.The broad language support has the added benefit of simplifying migration from other Ektron Web CMS products to the CMS400 or easing transition from other 3rd party products to the CMS400."Now, developers who've coded sites in ColdFusion, JSP, PHP or ASP can reuse code they've spent hundreds or thousands of hours developing. They can continue coding in these languages and, if they choose, learn .NET at their own pace," continues Rogers.CMS400.NET's out-of-the-box features include integrated document management, an online forms engine, calendar module, XML indexing for advanced search, content translation/localization, RSS support, and a new Explorer-like interface.With an open API, developers can readily customize the Ektron system.Ektron recently released DMS400, a native .NET document management system that compliments their Web CMS technologies.