Ektron-Based CMS Starter Kit for Hospitals
MResult Corp. released its new Hospital Portal Starter Site based on the Web CMS Ektron CMS400.NET. The Starter Site includes a customizable information architecture, content templates and pre-defined functional modules designed to help hospitals quickly implement consumer-facing Web sites.

Supporting the Healthcare Industry

Yann Beaullan Thong, president of MResult Solutions and a long time veteran in the Healthcare eBusiness field, was reportedly the driving force behind the product’s development. “The importance of delivering content and services through the Web is a given,” said Thong. “But the cost of delivering these services is out of range for most hospitals.” According to the American Hospital Association, more than 70% of registered U.S. hospitals have fewer than 200 beds. Hospitals of this scale simply cannot afford a full-blown CMS implementation. So, this Ektron-based starter kit would certainly be something that hospitals can use to launch and maintain their Web presence. In addition to the ease of use for the non-technical staff, this platform is also touts built-in support for multiple sites -- Intranet, Extranet or Patient/Physician portals. With re-usable content and templates, this also means that “a hospital implementing any one of these sites today is automatically laying the ground work for future additional sites.”

Hospital-Specific Features

MResult’s Hospital Portal Starter Site includes features especially suited for hospitals, such as: * Physician finder and comparison * Classes and events * Online bill pay * eCards “We are very excited to announce the availability of the Hospital Portal Starter Site with MResult,” stated Ed Rogers, chief operating officer of Ektron. “MResult has taken years of experience, customer feedback and best practices and developed a powerful starter application tailored specifically to meet hospitals’ needs.” For more information about this product you can visit MResult Corp.

Addressing the Challenges

Healthcare industry has been in the CMS limelight lately. Horizon CMS is yet another example of the industry-tailored ECM solution. Hopefully, the state of content and document management in the healthcare sector is improving compared to the times when medical records management was identified as being problematic.