Moodle eLearning Web CMS
A new connector has been launched which brings the Elluminate Live! virtual classroom to Moodle Web CMS. Elluminate Bridge allows Moodle users to access real-time Elluminate Live! sessions, which incorporate the following dazzling features:* Voice communication * Shared whiteboards * Chat * Breakout rooms (we're not sure what these are, but we're hoping you can play Arkanoid there while pretending to study) * Application sharing * Import PowerPoint All this in a "Multi-platform environment", which means you can play Doom right? Long story short, it's another real-time eLearning tie-in for Moodle, along similar lines to the WizIQ integration announced recently. While the WizIQ integration is offered via a module, this new link comes about via Elluminate's own bridging technology. It would be interesting, from a geeky point of view, to know which integration works better. If you're in the eLearning business and have test-driven both technologies, make sure and come tell us. One interesting claim made by Elluminate is that the Live! learning platform is based on what they call 'No User Left Behind' technology. The crux of this is multiple platform support and, wait for it, low-bandwidth connectivity. Does this mean they can do shared whiteboards and the rest over a 56k connection? Now this I gotta see... Moodle is a Web CMS aimed at the eLearning crowd, and you can go find out more at Moodle HQ. For more on the Elluminate Bridge and Elluminate Live, click your heels three times at the crossroads at midnight, and say 'There's no place like home..! There's no place like home..!' If that doesn't work, just click here.

But Wait, There's More -- Free K-12 Offer from Elluminate

Meanwhile the good folks at Elluminate are offering any K-12 academic institution free, unlimited access to Elluminate Live! Lite Edition for one year. Live! Lite features full-duplex audio, shared whiteboard, public/private chat, math symbol library, graphing calculator, and advanced moderator tools; bringing live interaction and collaboration to coursework. It can be easily upgraded to the full functionality of Elluminate Live! Academic Edition, and Elluinate Bridge for Moodle is included in the free offer. More information on Elluminate's K-12 offer here.