EMC (news, site) is adding to its Web Content Management partnerships. Now, along with FatWire, the enterprise content management giant has struck an agreement with SDL (news, site).

A New WEM Partnership

AIIM's info360 conference kicked off in Washington today and the news is filtering down. The first thing we caught wind of is a new EMC/SDL partnership.

As you know, EMC did away with its own web content management solution. Instead, it chose to partner with WCM vendor FatWire to provide these capabilities to its customers. And it's been a pretty good partnership so far, especially for FatWire.

But it's clear that while FatWire is a good Web Experience Management (WEM) platform, it's not the only one and EMC has a pretty broad range of clients.

Bringing in SDL

Today, EMC widens its range of WEM capabilities by announcing an agreement with global web content management/WEM vendor SDL.

SDL Tridion, is a multi-lingual WCM/WEM platform. Its most recent release was just announced in January (see SDL Tridion 2011 Supports a Global Cross Channel Experience Based on Open Standards). There aren't any details on the agreement only that it's focused on "joint selling, marketing and go-to-market opportunities", but it's certainly one that you can expect will do a lot for both vendors.

Learning Opportunities

The market has spoken. Our customers are clearly looking for options given their vast requirements for multi-lingual support and fast-to-deploy solutions to extend their online customer experiences," said Paul O'Brien, Vice President and General Manager of the Information Access product division of EMC's Information Intelligence Group. "The WCM/WEM market is red hot, and EMC and SDL plan to work together to provide a variety of options that will benefit our mutual customers."

What About FatWire

Although FatWire hasn't been specific in the amount of revenue that has come in its doors since EMC announced its partnership with them, you can be sure it has meant a lot (check out FatWire 2010 Results See 76 Percent License Revenue Growth). With SDL Tridion coming into the picture, will this new revenue stream be impacted? Hard to say.

EMC probably has enough customers to go around, and I suspect the pricing/licensing differences between SDL Tridion and FatWire will enable EMC to support a broad range of clients.

Both WCM/WEM vendors make the analyst lists (both were listed as leaders in Gartner's 2010 WCM Magic Quadrant), and both have very strong WEM offerings. 

In the end, EMC is the biggest winner here, have more than one option to present to their customers for web experience management.