In the beginning of 2010, EMC (news, site) announced a partnership with FatWire (news, site) to bring their web content management offerings to EMC customers. One year later, EMC announced a similar partnership with SDL (news, site) to offer Tridion to the EMC customer base. While there has been a lot of speculation as to the reasons behind the addition of a fairly similar offering to EMC’s partner portfolio, EMC has explained that it is all about offering their customers the choices they need to be successful.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As anyone who has been working in the web content management space for a long time will tell you, for any web strategy, there is a short list of solutions that can readily implement that strategy. Spinning that statement on its head, no single WCM solution will work for every organization.

As EMC began to work with FatWire in 2010, it became readily apparent to EMC that FatWire was not the WCM answer for every one of their clients. While FatWire was, and still is, viewed as a strong offering, EMC realized that there needed to be multiple offerings in the WCM space to meet the needs of their entire customer base.

EMC then chose to add SDL Tridion to their WCM solution portfolio. Taking a similar integration track that FatWire took, there is a basic integration pushing Documentum content to Tridion currently. A tighter integration is planned for the near future.

Learning Opportunities

What Next for EMC in WCM

So the question being begged is obvious: What solution are the EMC sales reps going to sell? EMC’s answer is that they will sell the WCM solution that best fits the client’s needs. The realistic answer is that sales staff on the ground will sell the solution with which they are most comfortable and have the most faith. The important point is that EMC is planning to offer both solutions equally and not play favorites.

In fact, EMC says that this is likely not the end of their web content management partnerships. They are considering other WCM solution areas in which to broaden the choices offered to their customers. Using their strong content and digital asset management story, EMC feels that they can provide a strong content backbone for any WCM solution.

Two things to watch for going forward: Will FatWire and Tridion be given fair and equal treatment by the sales people on the ground? The second is even simpler: Who might EMC partner with next to expand the choices offered to their customers?