It's long been a dream of content management solution providers from both sides of the street to offer Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Web Content Management (WCM) capabilities under one roof to help companies optimize their information assets and provide enhanced customer experiences.

And while it's an impressive vision, single vendors have seldom realized it. Managing enterprise information — and leveraging it to inform and present web and (now) digital experiences — are different things.

EMC Documentum tried to do both with Web Publisher, a product it ceased developing in 2010. Alfresco tried as well, but it now seems to be steering customers toward its web content platform partners.

The better solution: collaborative efforts between WCM and ECM providers to deliver best of breed solutions for their mutual customers. And that’s precisely what the teams at Hippo and EMC’s Enterprise Content Division (ECD) are doing today as they bring to market an enhanced integration between Hippo's web content management system (WCMS) capabilities and EMC Documentum’s ECM platform.

Better Together


The win, from Hippo’s point of view, is that its clients will be able to serve up enterprise documents stored in Documentum to any Hippo-managed site. EMC will, in turn, gain a top-tier “Select” partner in Hippo to which it can confidently refer customers who want to deliver contextually relevant digital experiences across channels.

“Hippo makes content a business differentiator for enterprises by measuring which content matters to their audiences, and delivering optimal and personalized digital experiences based on this insight,” explained Chris McLaughlin, EMC ECD’s chief marketing officer.

“Using real time contextual data, Hippo enables enterprises to continuously refine their online business strategy by responding quickly to content performance metrics."

EMC seems to be so sure of Hippo’s capabilities that it is including it on its price list, which typically means that it will be sold alongside other EMC products and solutions. This will undoubtedly give Hippo an opportunity to expand its customer base to larger companies in the enterprise market.


Not only that, but Arjé Cahn, CTO at Hippo, told CMSWire that future integrations will also leverage EMC’s big data capabilities, allowing businesses to deeply customize their visitors’ web experiences. 

Learning Opportunities

“In the future, as we extend on our partnership with EMC, we will be able to integrate with more EMC technologies, including Pivotal [Big Data Suite] and the entire EMC ecosystem, allowing us to bring big data into personalized web experiences,” he said.

What You Need to Know

The companies claim the combination of Hippo CMS and Documentum will bring users:

  • Seamless integration into online business ecosystems
  • Data-driven content optimization and delivery
  • Ability to integrate external data sources, including Pivotal Big Data Suite
  • Option to run Hippo on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid solution

Cahn added that the integration will also make it easier for businesses to bring their applications to the web, citing banking and insurance as industries leading the charge. “Customers are bringing their business applications onto the web based on EMC technology,” he said. “Hippo can take these apps and bring them to the web in a secure way.”

Quest for the Grail

Hippo believes “the holy grail of Web Experience Management (WEM) is a personalized, multichannel web experience driven by a relevance engine to truly personalize the delivery of content based on a wide variety of parameters – from location, interest, browsing behavior, and device to contextual parameters such as social behavior,” McLaughlin said.

EMC products could go a long way in informing the aforementioned.

“A WEM solution that integrates with robust content sources – like Documentum – and external, agile analytics engines – for example, Pivotal GemFire – would provide a compelling solution for our customers across all industries,” McLaughlin added.

The New Digital World

Cahn agreed the partnership is a good fit for both companies, which have been undergoing significant changes in their evolution to best service enterprise customers in the digital age.

“EMC has been moving in many different ways — with SaaS, hybrid cloud, and the integration of VMWare, Pivotal and Syncplicity — and we’re changing, too. Before, Hippo had a CMS designed to just manage content. Over time, that has extended into being the touch point with the customer. “We are both moving into this new digital world,” Cahn concluded.

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