Mondosoft, a provider of enterprise search and analytics technologies, has announced the availability of MondoSearch Enterprise. The product is designed as a low-cost solution supporting sites with large numbers of documents and visitors."The MondoSearch Enterprise package crawls large sites up to eighteen times faster, delivers superior search performance, eliminates time-intensive custom builds, and provides unparalleled insight into site visitor behavior, so that organizations can quickly and efficiently deliver content to meet user demands and business requirements," said Laust Sondergaard, Mondosoft CEO. In addition to enhanced crawl speed MondoSearch Enterprise features a comprehensive re-design of the search database and of the memory management algorithms. Performance has also improved through the use of multi-threaded connection pooling, reducing server load on both search and content servers. MondoSearch Enterprise can be integrated into an organization's IT infrastructure through Microsoft .NET and/or via Web services interfaces. Modosoft has also recently added a Database Retrieval Module (DRM). DRM is available as part of a consulting package and is targeted for custom installations, such as Microsoft Commerce Server or for Intranets where dedicated client applications are used to access database content. The module supports indexing of database content along with web pages and other types of content, into one unified search database.