Ephox Demonstrates EditLive! Benefits Brought to EpiServer
At this year's EPiServer Partner Summit -- running today through June 6th -- Ephox (news, site) will be discussing their new online authoring capabilities for EPiSerer CMS. EditLive! claims to bring the power of traditional word processing to non-techies, while simultaneously enhancing productivity and website quality.  

Create Content Comfortably

Aside from piggybacking publishing advantages, the integration of EdiveLive! will provide users with a familiar environment for authoring content. 

“Business users embrace web content management systems when they are able to create web content in a familiar environment,” explained Andrew Roberts, CEO of Ephox. “With a new integration for EPiServer CMS 6 available in the coming month, EPiServer customers will be able to use the rich authoring capabilities of EditLive! together with one of the fastest growing web content management systems.”

These two companies initially joined forces a couple of months ago, shortly after they had each upgraded their respective offerings. EPiServer's CMS got a widgetized dashboard that tracks and monitors activities, as well as the ability to publish content straight from MS Office. Meanwhile, the new version of Ephox EditLive! includes features such as: 

  • Autosave: Keeps content safe in the event of a server crash
  • Templating: Allows for the creation of reusable rich content templates that can be applied across the enterprise
  • Collaboration: Enables mark-up on documents, pages or objects, as well as interacting with other users comments

EditLive! has also integrated with some big names, including IBM’s Lotus Quickr and WCM, Oracle’s UCM, and Open Text’s RedDot. What is it about  this rich text editing tool? Hang around EPiServer to find out.