EPiServer Integrates Ephox EditLive!, Offers Simple Content  Creation
In the past three months both EPiServer CMS (news, site) and Ephox EditLive! (news, site) have been upgraded -- EPiServer CMS to version 6 and EditLive! to version 7.0. Today the two have been integrated so EPiServer CMS users will be now able to use EditLive!

While EPiServer CMS already has an authoring tool that enables users to update content, pages and workflows, EditLive! 7.0 is really for novices and enables those with little experience of authoring tools create content in a desktop word processing environment.

Two Products, Two Upgrades!

At the time EditLive! was upgraded Ephox said they had done so because the interface was “so 2002” and replaced it with a “sleek, modern, Web 2.0 inspired UI”.

EPiServer upgraded its CMS to give it a widgetized dashboard that tracked and monitored activities as well as the ability to publish content straight from MS Office, something it will presumably be able to do with the upcoming MS Office 2010.

The result is that inexperienced EPiServer CMS users will, using EditLive!, be able to create simplified content within the CMS giving them better control over using the same kind of functionality they might expect to find on their desktops.

Ephonx_published version_edit.jpg

Ephox EditLive! with EPiServer CMS: Editing content

EditLive! 7.0

So what will they get, given the recent release of EditLive! 7.0? Even with the new features that came with that release, EditLive! remains a WYSIWYG editor that comes with features that enable users to keep wikis, blogs and company websites up-to-date.

Ephonx__standard page_published version.jpg

Ephox EditLive! with EPiServer CMS: Published page

The new additions in v7.0 included autosave, templating and collaboration. In addition a connection to the internet is not required.

  • Autosave: Keeps all content safe in the event of a server crash or if you navigate off the page by accident.
  • Templating: Allows for the creation of reusable rich content templates that can be applied across the enterprise.
  • Collaboration: Enables mark-up on documents, pages or objects, as well as interacting with other users comments.

It also comes with other features that will be familiar to Word users such as auto-correct, document import and a Thesaurus as well as enabling users to copy and paste Excel content into EditLive!

EPiServer CMS 6

EPiServer’s upgrade to CMS 6 contained just as many upgrades apart from the widgetized dashboard and MS Office abilities. Amongst the really notable ones are:

  • Globalization: Globalization and multi-site management abilities in a single environment that included the ability to publish in different languages.
  • Reporting: Upgrading reporting in the Report center notes changed, expired, unpublished and ready-to-be published pages.
  • Extended Navigation: Enabled users to navigate around integrated EpiServer products as well as third party products.

EditLive! has already been integrated with a number of other majors including IBM’s Lotus Quickr and WCM, Oracle’s UCM (news, site) and Open Text’s RedDot (news, site) so it must be doing something right.

The new EditLive!! for EPiServer is available to download already. There is no pricing for it listed on the website, but the Enterprise edition of EditLive! Is currently US $5,985/CPU.