If you missed the recent upgrade to Ephox’s (news, site) web reporting tool WebRadar 2.0 then you will have a chance to catch up with it and get some kind of idea where it’s going at the current Annual Atech xChange conference.

WebRadar 2.0 was released in the middle of July and was the first major upgrade to WebRadar since Ephox bought it from Web Presence Architect in January this year.

The reason that this outing of the new web content intelligence tool is interesting is that it will be demonstrated it alongside technology consultant and strategic partner Ascendent Technology (Atech) and in doing so places WebRadar 2.0 in the context of IBM’s (news, site) Northstar project.

IBM’s Northstar Project

So, to decipher all that. The Northstar Project is IBM’s vision of the web and websites for the future. From its own website IBM describes it as:

. . .a new way forward, bringing together the right combination of capabilities, including content management, an enterprise portal and mashup presentation framework, built-in social and real-time communication, search, personalization, marketing tools, integration capabilities, mobile device support, real-time analytics, and rich media . . ."

What that really means is providing:

  • Context: Websites designed to fit individual
  • Social web: More socially based web experiences for contact with, and between, customers
  • Visual: both visually pleasing and flexible and infinitely scalable
  • Integration: Easily leverage and extend existing data sources like CRM systems, social media sites, and back-end applications
  • Analytics: Using analytics to extract as much customer information as possible

Ephox and Web Intelligence

Ephox’s part in all this is WebRadar 2.0, a flexible web intelligence solution for IBM Lotus Web Content Management that helps content administrators optimize the web production process.

Web content intelligence provides editors, administrators and project managers the ability to identify, fix and monitor problems with their web content and processes. For example, those with web content intelligence built into their content management system are able to produce reports that help to:

  • Find the bottlenecks in a process
  • Discover which pages are expiring in a particular timeframe
  • Discover which of their authors are actively using the system
  • Find which pages are assigned to which authors

WebRadar 2.0

WebRadar 2.0 is a tool for monitoring content and content processes and aims to provide web content intelligence and insights for companies using a Web CMS.


WebRadar 2.0 Reports

With v2.0 and building on their partnership with IBM, Ephox released the solution with a special nod to IBM Lotus Web Content Management. Using WebRadar 2.0 IBM Lotus and other Web CMS users can:

  • Analyze workflow processes
  • Resolve any issues in content processes
  • Work in an improved GUI
  • Improve productivity of website authors and administrators.

One of the improvements in the GUI includes a new dashboard that provides a quick look for administrators at the state of their content -- what is about to be published, or soon to expire -- accompanied by charts visualizing WCM processes. Also from the dashboard, you can get to the most recently used or most popular reports.

And that is what’s happening with Ephox at the AtechxChange, an Ascendant Technology-produced event to throw partners and Atech employees together to see what they come up with. Running until Sunday in Austin, Texas, that should produce some interesting news.