Episerver Launches APAC Operations in Australia
Australia asked for some content management, and EPiServer (news, site) is giving it to them. The team behind the Web CMS has officially opened their Sydney based operation, providing both Australia and New Zealand with a new vehicle for the creation and management of websites.

“The establishment of a direct EPiServer presence in Australia has long been a critical step in our global expansion strategy,” said Andreas Stjernström, Country Manager for EPiServer Australia and New Zealand.

Like several companies with their hands in the content management cookie jar, EPiServer has seen substantial growth over the last year despite floundering economical conditions. As far as numbers go, substantial growth equals 40 percent business growth over the last 12 months and 60 percent license growth in the first six months of 2009.

“We have some aggressive goals in place for our first six months, including achieving substantial local business growth, building our position as a local market leader and developing our valuable partner ecosystem,” said Stjernström.

Follow the grapevine here and let's see if they keep hold of  their success.