Mobile is huge, in case you haven’t heard. More and more Web CMS vendors are embracing the mobile channel. EPiServer (news, site) is one of them with the latest release of MobileCenter App for iPhone and iPad.

Does It Have the Mobile Mojo?

EPiServer OnlineCenter is the heart of EPiServer CM 6 Web CMS. One of the core functions of the new mobile app is to extend web functions to mobile devices.

EPiServer is looking at you CMOs, marketeers, content editors and developers. The idea of the new mobile app is to give you the ability to monitor your websites and update content from iPhone or iPad.

episerver mobile center app.jpg

Adding a news item in EPiServer mobile app

The new application sports a dashboard created specifically for the iPhone and iPad with features like:

  • Management of online activities
  • Web sites management
  • Social networks content management
  • Email marketing
  • A look into web analytics
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Ecommerce sites management
  • Ability to edit and publish content and multimedia.

Here’s a tour of the app from one of EPiServer developers:

EPiServer MobileCenter can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The MobileCenter gadget is available for free to those who have an EPiServer CMS license.

Other mobile device platforms (BlackBerry, Windows or Android, for example) don't seem to be supported right now, but surely EPi is putting some thoughts into this.