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For PHP developers building components and applications can be a headache, especially when doing it from scratch. eZ Systems, creators of the eZ Publish web content management system, have just released eZ Component v2008.2, an open source PHP enterprise application framework that eases developer pains and enables them to focus more on business functionality and less on common application nuts and bolts.

What is eZ Components?

eZ Components is an enterprise ready library of over 40 high-quality, standards-based, independent components for use in building various applications and web solutions. This comprehensive set of items will enable you to easily build your applications. And considering that each component is independent, you are free to pick and choose exactly what you need.

In their seventh major version of eZ Components, eZ Systems has provided a fully open source resource for PHP developers. No more having to rack your brain building applications from the ground up, this set of tools offers application functionality such as caching, template creation, PHP generation and more.

Ez Components 2008.2 Library

Diagram: eZ Components Library

eZ Components 2008.2 at a Glance

This latest release included over 50 bug fixes and 43 new features.

The major change to the new version is the release of the MvcTools component, making it easy to build an MVC framework. As opposed to dedicating the structure of the application, it provides functionality for request parsing, routing, dispatching, views and response writing.

Additional changes include more features for the Document and Webdav components, both of which are key components for web publishers and content developers.

The Document Component

Allowing for the conversion of various documents across a range of formats, the Document component already converted ReST to XHTML and DocBook. Now even more conversion formats are supported such as wiki formats Confluence, Creole and DokuWiki. The wiki parse offers the ability to extend support to other wiki formats. Other updates include the ability to create eZ Publish XML formats.

The Webdav Component

The Webdav component was originally designed to allow you to set up and run your own WebDAV (RFC 2518) server and to enable online content editing for the users of your system through the WebDAV HTTP extension. It will now support authentication and authorization as well as support for integrating authentication mechanisms into existing systems.

eZ Components is the Base for eZ Publish

Combine an already great set of PHP tools that are robust and reliable with a set of supporting documentation that is “all inclusive”, add to it an open source licensing and a set of updates to increase functionality and security, and you have the makings of a solid set of components to help you develop your enterprise solutions.

It's important to note that the latest versions the eZ Publish Content Management System (see coverage here) also use eZ Components for much of the core software functionality. So one can only assume that the company is standing squarely behind the project.