FatWire's New Web Experience Framework Lets You Embed Third-Party Apps

Web experience translates into making company sites look good and interaction work well. FatWire (news, site) improves on its Web CMS offering by letting you tie external apps into your site using the new Web Experience Management Framework.

Add More to Your FatWire Sites

Hot on the heels of the news last week for integration of Google Analytics for the back-end of FatWire sites, this week the front end gets a boost. FatWire has announced  the addition of the ability to use third-party applications on pages via its Web Experience Management Framework (WEMF).

With the software used to help companies create engaging sites, the task will be made more attractive with the raft of new content this addition opens up. The framework allows users to integrate either custom-coded features or apps from other sources to improve what their sites can offer to the viewing audience. It follows that a better site will attract more users, greater interaction will improve stickiness and the more data a company can gather on customers, the better service they can offer.

Chewing The Fat

The offering features a single user interface for simplicity, centralized user and role management for ease of administration, and  RESTful API for easy access to third-party apps on FatWire systems. FatWire's portfolio consists of a Content Server, migration and collaboration tools plus a mobile solution, and analytics and marketing tools that corporations need to reach the right people and measure results. The latest version of Content Server was released back in December 2008, but additions and extensions to the portfolio are keeping it up to date.