GOSS iCM Version 9.1: Improves Marketing Metrics With Analytics Integration

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Analytics are the web author and marketing professional's weapon of choice for determining the effectiveness of campaigns. GOSS Interactive's (news, site) latest release of GOSS Intelligent Content Management (iCM) helps organizations achieve their web content goals through tight analytics integration.

GOSS Interactive improves on its Web CMS capabilities by tightly integrating analytics in its system. Through the GOSS iCM 9.1 update, web publishers can enjoy added features that can help determine how content is being consumed by the audience, which helps make each page count.

GOSS iCM Marketing Dashboard

GOSS iCM Marketing Dashboard

GOSS Interactive CEO Rob McCarthy notes that this latest release focuses on tight Google Analytics integration and improved forms management.

Learning Opportunities

Our new forms capabilities, which came free with version 9, has now been extended so that users have much more power to process submitted data. Services that go thorough multiple steps can also be managed in GOSS iCM, with feedback passed to the website user in real-time. The integration with Google Analytics ... is part of a focus on assisting businesses to gain value from user journeys, metrics and campaign success.

Better Content Management Through Analytics & Media Integration

GOSS iCM 9.1 highlights the following features:

  • Forms Data Browser enables authors or their staff to manage content submitted via the website through forms. GOSS says its system will help minimize back-office costs by reducing the need for organizations to use PDF forms in securing feedback from their audience.
  • Marketing Dashboard now has improved integration with Google Analytics. The dashboard gives authors better information of the performance of their content by displaying metrics alongside content.
  • External Content Search gives access to popular content repositories right from within the GOSS iCM interface. This lets authors import related links, media and other content into their website without the need to open other browser windows or tools.

Cost Savings With Efficiency

GOSS iCM 9.1 aims to streamline organizations' operations by integrating commonly used management and analytics tools into one interface. For instance, GOSS notes that 72% of the UK's largest charities still use PDF forms in processing donor submissions. This requires extra effort in back-end processing, which costs time and money. The Forms Data Browser incorporated in this new release will ensure that readers don't have to go through hoops to submit feedback, and that the author will only need to view his iCM dashboard to process the data.

GOSS offers its software and services both as a licensed on-premise installation or as through SaaS, with iCM Freedom. Through its SaaS offering, GOSS takes care of hosting and support through a per-user licensing scheme.