Happy 10th Birthday, Blogger!
Well, well, well, look who's aging all gracefully and stuff. On Sunday August 23rd, our dear Blogger (news, site) hits the double digit mark.

To celebrate their birthday the team that gave everyone the power of the press announced they'll be  giving even more. That is, over the next few weeks they'll be rolling out a handful of new features. Some of the updates will be direct results of the product ideas survey Blogger posted back in April, while others will be tools the company has had on the back burner for some time now.

In fact, they're so excited for their decade dance that they let one new feature slip a tad early. Fresh support for the PubSubHubbub protocol means that as feed readers adopt PubSubHubbub, blog posts will surface immediately for users. This currently includes Google Reader, FriendFeed, Liveddoor Reader and FavIt, meaning a ton of you web writers out there are probably already benefiting from it.

For more of the latest news about the platform and what they've got in store for their 10th year, hang around here.