Following its Stateside debut on December 6, Immediacy Web Content Management Suite 6.0 has just expanded into Australia. Immediacy was recently purchased by Mediasurface. The last time Mediasurface shook up the Aussie CMS frontier, it was with Morello and Pepperio ... in 2005.This time around, SVP Chris Tew of Mediasurface Asia Pacific promises the Australians a solution that is both "scalable and flexible." "Its proven track record in over 350 organisations demonstrates to the Australian business market that this is a mid level CMS with which they can create, manage and control their websites, to really achieve all their web objectives," said Tew. Major upgrades to Immediacy WCMs 6.0 follow: * A SharePoint connector that enables clients to publish accessibility compliant content from SharePoint, and vice-versa -- that is, content can also be culled from sites and published back onto SharePoint * A taxonomy and categorization manager. This extracts keywords, phrases and descriptions from sites or documents, then organizes it in a given taxonomy or folksonomy * Better SEO with automatic XHTML-validated code generation * Personal profile pages, blogs and community-driven tags For IT, it's possible that the most crucial update will be that of the deployment server, which speeds the transfer of content from the staging environment to the production server. It also helps with disaster recovery and enables faster upgrading without downtime. Immediacy is currently a major .Net web CMS in the UK. We have no idea how well the solution functions, but we do know it's yet another sign that enterprise-ready content management systems of the future will come leaking social media ornamentation out their ears.