Interwoven LiveSite
Interwoven, a well-known provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, has announced the introduction of Interwoven LiveSite Content Publishing Server. LiveSite is a new Web content publishing product aimed at significantly changing how websites are created, deployed and managed within enterprises. The claim is that the product introduces an unprecedented balance between enabling business users, content authors, and IT personnel. "There used to be a time when business users were generally satisfied with IT handling the creation of websites, and when IT didn't constantly have a backlog of business user requests-but those days are long gone," said Kevin Cochrane, vice president, WCM products and solutions at Interwoven.With new GUI authoring technologies and unmatched ease-of-use, Interwoven LiveSite is attempts to break down the common IT Web development bottleneck, enabling enterprises across industries to substantially reduce the costs associated with building and maintaining dynamic business websites. "Web site development has moved from a single site view to one that must support the development and administration of multiple sites across organizations, including public-facing sites, intranets and extranets," said Andrew Warzecha, senior vice president at META Group. "As organizations struggle to keep pace with this growing demand being placed on the online channel by business users, it is becoming increasingly important for ECM vendors to deliver solutions that empower non-technical business users to take ownership of the online channel, while still keeping ultimate control in the hands of IT. A new generation of Web Content Management technology is needed to further break down this IT bottleneck, and a breakthrough in usability will be key to making this happen." Historically, creating or modifying websites for new business initiatives has proven to be a lengthy and expensive process, requiring significant IT involvement. At the same time, business users have little direct control over the layout, functionality, and management of their intranets, extranets, and public sites. LiveSite addresses this challenge by leveraging the IT efficiencies of a centralized infrastructure while devolving responsibility for individual sites to the business users closest to the day-to-day operations and site requirements. The result is a streamlined Web creation-to-publishing process, making the development and maintenance of numerous, frequently updated Web properties far more efficient and less expensive. "Today's business climate demands that business users take ownership of the online channel, and from what we've seen from our customers across the board, business users are eager to take on this role-to have control and flexibility in managing the initiatives they're driving on a daily basis," says Interwoven's Kevin Cochrane. Key LiveSite Featues:
  • WYSIWYG Publishing
  • Business users are empowered to rapidly design Web pages, contribute content, and launch new microsites using site templates and drag-and-drop layout capabilities.
  • Component-Based Page Assembly
  • Business users can choose from a gallery of approved Web building blocks for assembling Web pages quickly, easily, and without coding. Components can be deployed an unlimited number of times, in any combination, and across multiple pages, enabling organizations to scale through component reuse.
  • Point-and-Click Customization
  • Business users can control the overall site user experience by easily making customizations directly to a page. With point and click simplicity, content can be rapidly modified to address changing business requirements.
  • In-Context Review and Edit
  • Authorized business users can easily modify content in the context of any Web page they are browsing without having to go to a separate content management interface.
  • Single-Point Deployment and Delegated Administration
  • IT departments can centrally manage site templates and a component library to facilitate efficient code testing and maintenance, while delegating a complete range of site creation, data presentation, and customization authority to permitted business users.
LiveSite is available for purchase, effective immediately.