The J. Boye Aarhus Conference is just around the corner. If you are headed there to soak up some new knowledge, by the looks of things you won't be disappointed.

Although originally a conference dedicated to content management topics, the gathering has evolved to include web strategy, user experience, online communications, information governance and more.

Experts in the Field

The list of speakers is lead by the opening keynote Design for Behavior Change: Why Facebook & Twitter Are Winning by BJ Fogg. Fogg is a researcher from Standford University where he has done cutting-edge research on the persuasive powers of software. He is listed as one of CNN's 10 new Gurus Your Should Know. Snazzy, eh?

Fogg's keynote focuses on how technology such as mobile and social media is influencing human behavior. Fogg will explain how three elements --  motivation, ability and triggers -- combine to influence human behavior and how social media sites like Twitter and Facebook leverage these elements.

The J.Boye Conference in Aarhus is gathering of practitioners. This means that many of the speakers come directly from the trenches and speak to you plainly about what they've learned. Some of the notable names include: Bob Boiko, author of Laughing at the CIO and The Content Management Bible, Shawn Shell, SharePoint Expert and Jane McConnell, Intranet and portal strategy specialist.

Sessions and Tutorials

If the speakers aren't enough to entice, the tutorials and sessions should be. Included in these are:

  • Persuading People with Digital Media tutorial with BJ Fogg.
  • Two SharePoint tutorials: A governance perspective with Martin White, and Managing a Successful SharePoint Project with Shawn Shell.
  • And if you are going to learn more about Intranets, then you will want to attend Jane McConnell's tutorial, Intranet Governance: a powerful tool, where she will reveal for the first time the results of her company's 4th annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey.

Sessions run the gamut from Content Management Marketplace and Trends to Intranet governance, to social media, to a number of actual case studies and much more.

Taking place November 4th - 6th, the J Boye event is packed with best practices, lessons learned and advice from industry experts. If you haven't already registered, it's time to do so.