Refresh Software
Refresh Software, today announced the release of SiteRefresh v5, with a revolutionary Java/J2EE Core, offering JSR-170 (level 2) features and support of the latest Service-Oriented Architectures. “Two years ago, Refresh Software made a strategic decision to invest in the Core SiteRefresh 5 architecture so we could deliver customers the most open solution leveraging the latest in Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA),” said J Graham Zahoruiko, President and CEO - Refresh Software. SiteRefresh’s Open Publishing System™ provides interfaces, complete with source code, for Web publishing and delivery systems developed in any of the popular scripting languages, including ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, CFM, PHP, TCL, and Perl.Refresh Software provides practical, innovative technologies for Web architects, programmers, and developers. “We designed SiteRefresh 5 with an enterprise ready architecture, stressing adherence to standards, best practices, and interoperability. The result demonstrates an unprecedented level of quality and performance, along with a variety of improvements and new features. Thanks to the efforts of our engineering team, and the adoption of modern development techniques and technologies, SiteRefresh 5 is now available as a complete CMS or a component for use in enterprise applications,” said Keenan Ross, Vice President of Engineering. "Organizations of all sizes can benefit from Refresh’s approach by incorporating SiteRefresh into new or existing Web projects - all with an eye toward future architectures," said James N. Gonthier, Refresh' CTO. Version 5 Enhancements Include:
  • Modern 3-tier architecture using industry standards and application servers ensures portability, scalability, reliability, ease of integration (even into the most demanding enterprise environments), and a rock-solid foundation for future product development and enhancements.
  • Enhanced Digital Asset Management capabilities – AssetType definitions can now include binary objects (images, files, PDFs, Word and Excel documents, etc.) incorporating: -- User defined properties -- Versioned binary data -- Integrated workflow review and approval process
  • Support for both an image and file repository as well as content asset specific files and images.
  • Support for user-defined triggers performed on workflow transitions.
The SiteRefresh 5 J2EE architecture makes it suitable for large enterprises that demand openness and scalability, while the starting price of $14,995 makes it affordable for small and medium sized organizations struggling with managing website content. About Open Publishing System In contrast to proprietary end-to-end CMS products, the SiteRefresh Open Publishing System (OPS) is a method for the secure and controlled retrieval of assets stored in the SiteRefresh Content Repository. OPS includes a series of source code Content Retrieval Objects which engage SiteRefresh’s Content Repository’s open/published RDBMS schema for non-proprietary API access. Customer’s chosen publishing process continue to operate without reengineering and can be used to generate content in Web, WAP, RSS, and XML formats. About SiteRefresh SiteRefresh Core Content Management™ is a new breed of CMS, delivering the essential content management features including easy-to-use browser-based authoring, templating, workflow, versioning, and check-in/check-out with role-based permissions. SiteRefresh is offered as a online CMS Web Service or deployed as licensed software that leverages existing IT infrastructure, databases, and employee skill sets. This approach dramatically reduces or eliminates initial licensing fees and results in quicker, more straightforward integrations, thereby reducing additional costs associated with professional services and ongoing maintenance. Editor's Note: JSR-170 is a Java Specification Request entitled "Content Repository for Java technology API". The effor is lead by David Nuescheler of Day Software and has support from key vendors such as Stellent, Vignette, Documentum, FileNet, Hummingbird, and others.