Day Software, a provider of content management and infrastructure software, announces that Obinary will embed Day’s Content Repository Extreme (CRX) across its entire product sets. CRX - Day’s Java Content Repository - is the industry’s first full implementation of JSR 170, the Java standard Day and other vendors have been pushing for enterprise content repositories.Obinary produces Magnolia, an Open Source Web CMS, and Compass, a knowledge management and business process visualization tool. The Magnolia Web CMS has been downloaded over 60,000 times since its first release. Day is the initiator of the new standard for enterprise content and is leading a global industry expert group, including vendors such as Sun, IBM, Oracle, SAP and BEA, which jointly develop JSR 170. Day’s CRX is the industry’s first full commercial implementation of the standard. "We believe that Day’s innovative technology provides a clear competitive advantage to us as well as to our customers. JSR 170 is the undisputed future standard of our industry. When we were faced with the alternative to built a new repository ourselves or license it from Day Software, the company that is leading the standard initiative, the decision was easy," said Pascal Mangold, CEO, Obinary. "CRX as the basis of our next-generation Document-, Content-, and Business Process Management Systems results in fantastic value for our customers and reduces our time-to-market considerably." "After three years of continued investments we are now beginning to make our technology commercially available to the industry. Day Software is very well positioned as a leading vendor in the emerging market of Java Content Repositories and we are excited about this substantial growth potential," said Michael Moppert, Chairman and CEO, Day Software. Industry analysts such as Gartner expect that new, standards based repository technologies, such as Day’s Content Repository Extreme CRX, hold the best promise for eliminating the information silos created by application-specific databases and proprietary storage systems. Day's Java Content Repository Extreme (CRX) is currently shipping as a beta release.