Kentico Introduces SalesForce Sales Cloud Intgration
Content management provider Kentico has released a connector for SalesForce Sales Cloud that may help reduce the disconnect between their marketing and sales teams that’s common in many organizations. The connector automates the process of moving leads to the sales team, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

End-to-End Lead Automation

SalesForce is one of the most-used sales automation solutions in the world. Although many companies have embraced the technology for managing their sales team, there are still communication issues between the marketing and sales teams, which can result in lost revenue opportunities. Automation can help organization to more efficiently capture, track and score leads and get them in the hands of the sales team to close the deal.

The new connector leverages the lead management and scoring capability added in the most recent release of Kentico’s content management platform and allows organizations to replicate them into SalesForce. The connector supports filtering by score, so that only highly qualified leads presented to the sales team. This approach makes it possible to create scenarios for special campaigns. Currently, the connector only supports sending leads to SalesForce, but additional use cases may be supported in the future.


Kentico leverages OAuth 2.0 to authorize access to Sales Cloud so that it’s not necessary to share SalesForce security credentials with the content management platform. The connector also encrypts all communication and access tokens between SalesForce and Kentico to minimize the risk of exposing sensitive and private information. In addition to the security features, Kentico also takes into account integration API call limits and minimizes the number of communications between the connector and the API.

Getting More Information

The new connector is available now in the Kentico Marketplace. The connector requires Kentico EMS and the Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Edition of the Sales Cloud with the integration API. Currently, the connector is available as a standalone package, but it will be integrated into Kentico EMS 7.0.