New Kentico Enters Beta; What's New for V6?
Web CMS Kentico is ready to unveil its next major release, having just released the beta, with an enterprise marketing solution as the major feature.

New Tricks

Kentico 6's new features start off at the top layer of the CMS onion with a nice new skin and UI, offering ribbon menus and giving important elements such as e-commerce a listing under its own tab. The built-in demo site has also been updated to show off the new features, which is useful so developers can show the new stuff off to prospective clients without having to create their own designs.

Kentico 6 adds a layer of gloss

Kentico 6 adds a layer of gloss

On the admin side, users can now try a range of widgets to monitor sites and performance, although this section isn't finalized yet. Microsoft Chart Control support has been added to aid in the production of smart-looking web analytics figures; the analytic tools themselves are more Google-like, with more detailed stats added in for better site management.

There is also now support for Windows Azure, improved HMTL5 support, security measures and syntax highlighting in the editor and many other benefits for designers and coders. The content tree has been updated with more features, showing what is live or in-progress on a site and web parts for Facebook, CSS styles and new image and text editors give the system more juice.

Marketing Matters

The Enterprise Marketing Solution is a new feature that should enable an organization to build sites that meet marketing needs, and monitor and market its wares in a measured manner. Features include a range of site testing tools including campaign and conversion management, A/B and multivariate testing, contact management and lead scoring among others.

A Membership option also allows sites to have subscriptions or paid accounts for users that can access exclusive content and so on. All of this makes Kentico 6 a more creditable option for those looking for e-commerce sites.

There's a 100-page document listing the new features, with screens and showing their levels of completeness. Having recently added global 24/7 support, Kentico is now looking like a well-rounded offering for those in the content management, e-commerce or social web spheres.