IBM Releases Lotus WCM 7
The release of IBM  (newssite) Lotus Web Content Management v7 occurred somewhat quietly behind the release of its new Customer Experience Suite. But it did arrive just the same and here's a glance at what's new.

Creating the Optimal Customer Experience

Web Content Management is only one part of the solution set needed to create the optimal customer experience. Which may be why we aren't hearing major fanfare with the release of Lotus Web Content Management v7 from IBM. Instead the latest release is announced as part of the news for IBM's new Customer Experience Suite.

This new suite incorporates all the capabilities necessary today to interact with customers including web content management, social networking, search, commerce, analytics, personalization, rich media and more. It's this combination of capabilities that many Web CMS vendors are pulling together defining the next generation of web content management.

Even Web Content Management Must Evolve

Even though it's a package of solutions that most organizations need, each individual solution must evolve on its own to ensure functionality changes with the times and needs. 

For IBM, this evolution comes in the form of Lotus Web Content Management v7. By the list of new and improved features, IBM has been working hard to meet the new generation demands:

  • Managing & Displaying Content: New/improved user interface for creating and editing content, including better authoring forms and new website templates.
  • Integrating social:  New tagging and rating features, updates to blogs/wiki capabilities.
  • Analytics: Enhanced analytics for visitor and content usage patterns, campaign reports, improved search engine optimization.
  • Content Organization: Create projects to optimize the publishing process and support change management.

As with earlier versions of Lotus Web Content Management, integration with both Lotus Symphony and Ephox EditLive will help improve the authoring experience.

In addition version 7 supports platform virtualization and there are are service-based improvements that are designed to reduce the cost of ownership.

Lotus Web Content Management was available electronically at the end of August, but only released via media last week. 

There's not much more detail on the release of Lotus Web Content Management that we could find. If you have more information, feel free to share it in the comments below.