Minerva Infotech Web CMS
Minerva is largely a services company providing a variety of web design and development solutions. Based in India, the organization is now moving in a product direction, targeting new ways to develop income sources and retain client relationships.

Now for the sake of our credibility, we're not convinved that their latest project,  Minerva Infotech CMS 1.0, is going to make ripples in the web cms pond, but perhaps it will sprout some legs. So on a slow news day in early January we've decided it's worth noting.

Minerva has released their own web content management product. Aptly, if boringly, named Minerva Infotech CMS 1.0, the system is standard LAMP kit, built using PHP, Apache and MySQL. The company’s stated goal is to provide a CMS that is, “used to, create, edit, manage, and publish content in a consistently organized fashion.” That's noble, but certainly makes no effort at differentiation. You'll have to stand by for further news on that front, if it comes.

Entering the Competitive Land of CMS

Claiming that a general user with basic skills will be able to easily administrate their own site, Minerva will have to stand behind that. Going up against established Web CMS projects (a whole bunch of which are open source) is not an enviable task. But, MI is confident, projecting 20 sales per month with a next version in the works and planned for release in February, the company has their work cut out for them.

Of note here is that, the Minerva team is not new to the content management game, nor is it unfamiliar with the competition. In the past the Minerva geeks have worked on the open source code for WordPress, osCommerce, Drupal, PHPBB, PHPList, Zencart and CRELoaded.

A list of past efforts like that might just put the group in a decent position to make a new CMS play. But as with everything, time and the community response will ultimately tell. Pleasing the ever fickle masses -- not to mention getting a bit of mindshare on the busy LAMP Web CMS playing field -- can be a tough nut to crack.

The bottom line is that Minerva may have a few decent cards, but they have their work cut out for them. And considering that this release was announced on January 2, but there seems to be little solid information on their website, they may have even more work to do than we assume.

We'll look forward to the promised February release and extend a warm welcome to yet another Web CMS (YAWCMS).