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  • Could You Help with Some Open Source Research?

    A market research company is currently interviewing developers about the adoption of various technologies, particularly in open source circles. If you are: Programming professionally with open source tools, for revenue-producing work (that is, not inside-the-company-only apps) Regularly using Drupal, Joomla, SugarCRM, WordPress or phpBB In the U.S.

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  • Minerva Enters LAMP Web CMS Game

    Minerva is largely a services company providing a variety of web design and development solutions. Based in India, the organization is now moving in a product direction, targeting new ways to develop income sources and retain client relationships.

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  • Microsoft Moves to Embrace Open Source CMS

    Microsoft, a company that isn't known for working tightly with the open source world, has announced the Microsoft Web Installer. This beta application is aimed at helping Web site administrators install and configure widely-used Web Applications onto a Windows-powered server.

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  • Six New JumpBoxes for phpBB, TikiWiki and Chums

    JumpBox, provider of virtual appliances to simplify server software deployment, has just released six new appliances for open source products. The JumpBox library has been bolstered with new applications for Cacti networking graphing system, phpBB bulletin boards, ProjectPier project management, TikiWiki, PmWiki, and MoinMoin- another Wiki product.

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  • phpBB Updated to 3.0 - Free Open Source Forums Go Mobile

    Free OSS forum platform phpBB 3.0 has just gone live. It offers a range of new features designed to make your forums better and brighter than ever before and to bring them to the small screen.

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