open source phpBB web cms
Free OSS forum platform phpBB 3.0 has just gone live. It offers a range of new features designed to make your forums better and brighter than ever before and to bring them to the small screen. Key highlights of the release include security augmentations, more collaboration features, built-in SEO and delegated administration features. The whole thing has been optimized for the challenges of the mobile web. Released under the GNU General Public License, phpBB 3.0 is built to slot 'seamlessly' into almost any Web CMS architecture or into your static website. The product can be deployed with 'one click' through cPanel, plesk, Ensim, DirectAdmin and Fantastico. The phpBB (Bulletin Board) community is one of the strongest in the business: it drummed out over 5,000 add-ons and 400 themes for version 2.x, so you can look forward to plenty of ongoing support. Bob Norton of HREnhancement is a big fan. If anything, he is suspiciously effusive in his praise, like a man whose cider was being bought for him all night: "phpBB is a highly scalable, feature rich environment that can be easily deployed and integrated into any Web site or online application" and "phpBB version 3 represents a huge milestone and we continue to be amazed by this project and its community." Still, if he's wrong, how do you explain the other 2.4 million phpBB users? For everything you need to get your forum going head on over to phpBB.