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e-Spirit (news, site) released a new version of the FirstSpirit Web CMS in the spirit of better communication with office applications.

MS Office As Authoring Tool Is Still Alive and Kicking

As you’re well aware, many content authors and editors still fancy working in Word docs, even if they have a content management system.

Or, just like in the new release of the FirstSpirit Web CMS, they can open and edit MS Office documents in the CMS.

Preview of documents is available via FirstSpirit's JavaClient integrated preview feature.

One of the capabilities of the built-in preview is that content editors can open multiple tabs at a time to preview various MS Office applications’ outputs alongside the preview of publishing channels.

The optimized WebClient (browser-based editing interface) has gotten a facelift and some usability improvements.

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Working in multiple applications in the Web CMS

Other New Features in FirstSpirit 4.2R4

Expanding on previous releases, FirstSpirit 4.2R4 goes after simplifying the great pains content editors go through when editing content in multiple places and in multiple applications, including MS Office (be it Word, Excel, or PowerPoint).

The good news is that OpenOffice support for Writer, Calc and Impress is also part of this release, so you’re not stuck under the reign of the Redmond’s empire.

The not so good news is that this version is not yet GA and is only available “exclusively for pilot customers in the roll-out phase.” If you’re an e-Spirit customer and don’t want to wait to try out the new features, you may consider getting on that special list of pilot customers.