Webvanta is a hosted service that enables you to quickly build database-driven websites without programming. With its new CMS, Webvanta works to give designers new options for deploying sophisticated websites at lower costs.

Because the web has since moved from a receptacle of static sites to a more dynamic universe of interactivity, designers must constantly keep up-to-date with new trends and technologies. Webvanta aims to give designers the tools (and the ability) to take on more complex projects.

Webvanta is built using open source technologies such as Ruby on Rails, Nginx and Linux, and comes with jQuery and Blueprint CSS and a number of other plug-ins and Webvanta snippets. This is a hosted web content management system with 24/7 website monitoring and twice daily backups (both onsite and offsite).

Webvanta Functionality

  • Instant Custom Databases: Databases can be created by filling out a form, with admin screens generated automatically. Easily connect related items, images and other files to database records.
  • Page templates and snippets: A variety of templates are available, using HTML, CSS and JS. Areas that are the same from one template to another can be stored in snippets, so code doesn't have to be updated in more than one place.
  • CMS and Database integration: Build a site around HTML and insert information from your database with small amounts of Webvanta Script code.

From RSS feeds, blogs and social media to photo galleries, event calendars and email marketing, users have flexibility to customize, organize and prioritize their needs.

Designers can organize hundreds and thousands of articles and links to web resources, books, events, as well as create custom forms with any field, and automatically create thumbnails and versions in other sizes for all photos.

A Drupal Alternative?

Considered to be a sufficient Drupal alternative (their words, not ours), Webvanta can speed up the time that it takes to build a fully functioning site, maximizing time and effort.

Of course, with the upcoming Drupal Gardens and its new Theme Builder, Webvanta might be in for more than a little competition.

Free For Designers to Use

There are many pricing options available, ranging from free to US $99/month, with discounts available. Designers can use Webvanta for free. Once a site is built, either the designer or the client will pay for the website to be hosted.

Be a designer and let Webvanta be your developer. Together you can create custom-made, dynamic sites. Take a tour or learn more at www.webvanta.com.