Hidden Equity (site) is firmly aiming its combined CMS and CRM modules in the product called EquiWeb at the smaller-scale organization.

Keeping it Simple

If you or your company has a great marketing idea but now idea how to get it online, turning to Hidden Equity could be the answer. The company aims to set you up with a website, via template-based design or through a developer, the site is then SEO'ed and, in theory, the hits come rolling in.

Using the form feature, which is new to 2.0, EquiWeb then comes into its own by employing CRM to send e-mails to your sales people as soon as visitors register an interest. The e-mail comes with a vCard of their details, allowing your salesforce to get to work on those leads quickly. The package uses Google Analytics, to help you monitor the sites' activity and growth.

Once the site is up, a WYSIWYG editor enables changes to be made efficiently. When logged in, every section of a page has an edit button allowing text and image updates to be added. Within the editor, you can quickly change the look of the site by editing the current theme with a range of color and image changes. The sites all appear to have clean and simple lines and sections to put navigation and speed at a premium.

Keeping it Low-Cost

If you choose a template design the costs are US$ 200 a month, which should be in the realm of any start-up, you can possibly save on much of the design and technical effort required to get up and running. Another feature is the use of shared calendars (which can now be integrated with Outlook) to show appointments and follow-ups, helping improve organization (something else that small firms often have trouble with).

While many of the concepts of website management may be easy for our readership to grasp, Hidden Equity has gone to the trouble of putting up a series of YouTube videos to explain the concepts for those to whom this is all new and scary stuff.