PortalApp .NET 4.0: Content Management App Makeover
Once upon a time (February 2004), Iatek announced the newest version of their content management system, PortalApp .NET. The update was well-received, generating thousands of downloads in just a week’s time. Touting efficiency for cheap, ease of use and an optimal choice for small businesses, Iatek was certainly on a cloud with version 3.0.

After success like that, we tend to assume enhanced functionalities are soon to follow (remember, we are big fans of frequently updated numeric suffixes), but in Iaktek’s case, that just wasn’t so. In fact, it wasn’t so for five whole years. Finally, the company has announced the release of version 4.0, and we couldn’t be more excited to indulge you. But we wonder: will it live up to its predecessor?

Remember PortalApp?

PortalApp .NET is a versatile, ready-to-run, open source Web application that you download and configure. All site content, layout, structure and design is managed from an easily maintained browser-based control panel.

The application enables the creation of portals, communities, blogs, and any other type of content-centric websites. It includes core modules for content and user management, plus extended modules for forums, surveys, calendars and advertising.

To date, PortalApp .NET, has been deployed by more than 1,900 customers, including Duke University, U.S. Armed Services, McDonalds Corporation, Countrywide Homeloans, Motorola, Johns Hopkins University, Northrup-Grumman and numerous other businesses.</namedropping>

Version 4.0 is said to contain several improvements largely focused around increasing the application’s versatility. With blogging, content management and community features, Iatek boasts an application “flexible enough to rapidly create any type of content-centric website”.

What’s (Finally) New?

PortalApp .NET version 4.0 is an entire redesign. Some of the beefed-up features are:

  • Ability to prioritize content
  • User content ratings / review
  • Add to favorites feature
  • "Featured" content
  • Sorting and keyword searching
  • Pagination of content lists
  • Custom content list/detail layout

The Future of PortalApp

Wait, you’re thinking: I waited five years for any sort of peep about PortalApp, then when I get that peep it’s a shoddy, cursory list of “updates” and now you want to tell me about the future developments?

That’s right. Carol Skelly, CEO of Iatek LLC acknowledges the lack of coverage: “There is a ton of hidden functionality that is not (yet) well-documented. As you might have guessed, documentation was back-burned so that we could squeeze in some "nice-to-haves" and fine-tune the code. Since the scope creep never ends, I've decided to prioritize the must-haves for the initial release and roll out some additional features in the next build.”

Those additional features look like this:

  • Legacy PortalApp Data Migration
  • E-Commerce Module
  • Email Messages Management
  • Social Networking Features
  • More Templates and Tokens
  • PortalApp Express (free .NET version)

Hopefully we’ll get to tell you about them before 2013.

For more information about PortalApp 4.0, including a live demo, visit their site here.