Dart Communications recently announced The PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET, which enables ASP.NET developers to replace the standard TextArea elements of their Web application with support for HTML content and traditional word processing capabilities without requiring any client-side components or controls. PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET is handy for developers who are creating ASP.NET content-management applications, Web mail products, Web forums, or word processor-style applications. With PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET, complete customization of your editor is available without writing a single line of code. Just drag-and-drop the component on a Web form and then use the intuitive Property Builder to change virtually any aspect of the product to meet your needs. If you combine this with Dart's RapidSpell Web product, you have a fully-featured content editing environment, that supports CSS, is "skinable", and provides multilingual spell checking. If you're a .NET type, this is a pretty cool package. Pricing starts at USD 299 for one server (unlimited domains). Read more. Check out Telerik's r.a.d. editor (a strong competitor - prices start at USD 125 for one domain).