It’s here, it’s here, it’s here. After a flirty beta dance, Movable Type 4.3 is finally taking the stage.

We already threw together and pushed out a couple posts about the bread crumbs Six Apart dropped before the release, and since this is sort of like a lightweight Christmas for you MT fans we'll get straight down to business and tell you about the biggest new features in 4.3:

Smarter Search and Pagination

Movable Type 4.3 introduces new groundwork for the ability to paginate the index and archives. With a static first page and dynamic additional pages, MT sites get the added page views with faster publish times. Comments have also been pimped by pagination, and faster publish time is expected on these threads as well.

Entry Asset Manager

MT now handles assets like photos, which means making slideshows is a breeze and editing entries that use assets is faster, with more control over the code. The asset manager lives in the sidebar of the entry edit screen and will list all assets associated with that entry.

Side note: The form tag that surrounds image assets in the entry body has been retired. Please refrain from whooping too loudly from your cube.

Summary Object Framework

MT describes this as their first step in "dramatically improving performance for our largest MT installations."

The framework allows MT's core codebase and plugins to store both arbitrary summary information and dependent information in the database. This means calculation queries are kaput. The framework also includes a mechanism for invalidating summary objects when the objects on which they depend are modified, and a queued worker class for asynchronously regenerating invalidated summaries.

Smarter Blog Cloning

Good news for blog networks! Users can now take any of their existing sites and use it as a prototype for new ones by cloning just a blog's layout and design.

In-App Performance & Developer Features

This one is especially for those with thousands of entries, users or blogs. Searching inside the app is reportendly much faster, and MT has thrown some developer tools (e.g., Debug Mode & Performance Logging) in the settings for faster access.

Get it While it's Hot

Movable Type is pretty new to the alpha and beta scene, thus version 4.3 also serves as a testament to the growing MT community and the communication therein. Particularly annoying issues that were resolved in the beta phase included an article filtering problem that showed up in 4.25.

The importance of community involvement is invaluable, and with Movable Type 5.0 already in the requirements process, feedback on today's release would be *great* 

If you're a Movable Type fan kid, we suggest the following order of operations for the best results:

  1. Review the detailed release notes here
  2. Review the full changelog here
  3. Download (MTOS, MT Pro)
  4. Tinker
  5. Let your voice be heard. Matt Jacobs, product manager for Movable Type, says the best way to get in touch is to use MT forums, send feedback directly, or get active on the ProNet email list and tell them what you'd like to see

Last but not least, don't forget the messenger. Drop your two cents in the comments section below and we'll send some grateful vibes your way.