Search Vendor Forward Picks Up Additional Venture Capital Funding
Danish company Forward gets funding from local venture companies to boost development of its Forward Search platform for regional territories.

Forward Search is an internet, intranet and ecommerce search tool that is making waves in its local territories. The company was founded in 2004 and has made steady progress with its software, currently at version 1.6. They have built partnerships and signed deals with the likes of Carlsberg and Lego, and particularly with Sitecore CMS customers.

Based on .NET and a Web Services architecture, Forward Search is compatible with all .NET Web CMS systems. Foward features multi-threaded crawling for fast indexing that can be done in real time or scheduled by the admin. The search box itself can be added into existing Web pages or Web Services API can be used for other integration.

Connectors are available for data resources in SharePoint, SQL, HTTP and Office.

Learning Opportunities

Forward offers a business-like front end that supports a range of queries including natural language, boolean, fuzzy and custom fields.  It can search by meta data and by context, and can search up to a terabyte of unstructured data. The search engine is available for Danish, English (both U.S. and U.K.) and German languages, with Unicode support for others.

Available in in four editions; Standard, Pro, Corporate and Enterprise, there are limits on the number of domains and access up to the Enterprise version which offers unlimited access.

The investment will help drive development and sales expansion and sees a former HP Nordic director, Christian Nejstgaard, join the board.