See Drupal 7 Alpha in Action
Are you somehow not aware that Drupal 7 Alpha was recently released? Or are you just so busy that you don't have time to check it out for yourself? A Drupal (news, site) tutorial site has released a video preview.

What's Coming in Drupal 7?

Drupal 7 comes with a large number of changes, both superficial and deep into the core. Some highlights:

  • CCK-like fields in core
  • A reworked user interface to update Drupal to today's exacting visual standards, and to make the open source web CMS easier to use
  • New themes plus the ability to theme strictly in CSS
  • A rewritten, object-oriented database API
  • Extensible file handling
  • Native image handling in core
  • An integrated module testing framework
  • Semantic web support
  • Modules such as ping, throttle, and blog removed from core
  • Improved multi-cultural support

View the Walkthrough has released a Drupal 7 alpha preview video. It begins with the installation process, then introduces changes such as the new admin bar, walks through the menus and looks a bit more at features such as:

  • Dashboard customization
  • Vertical tabs
  • Block layout
  • Themes
  • User management
  • Modules in general
  • Image handling
  • The new update manager
  • The config menu
  • Reports
  • The built-in help
  • Adding new content

While it's a fairly shallow look at the changes, if you don't have time to install and set up a Drupal 7 instance yourself, this video is worth a look. Expect to see more on the site over the weeks to come.

Learning Opportunities

View the video here: