Denmark-based Sitecore is on a roll.  The company said it’s experiencing concurrent expansion in product development, geography and revenue gains that make this a banner year for the web content management system company, which made an early bet on the Microsoft .Net platform. 

Check out our Exclusive interview with Darren Guarnaccia, Sitecore Senior VP of Product Marketing, who speaks about customer engagement taking center stage.

Product, Headcount Grows

On the product side, just three days ago we reported news of Sitecore Engage, an online resource for web marketers, publishers and business, and both Print Media and App Center were announced since this past July.  On the revenue side, Sitecore reports that group revenue was up over 50% in its fiscal 2010/2011, compared to the prior fiscal year, and profit (EBITDA) increased by over 30% as Sitecore’s strong financial performance continues along with an ongoing significant investment in and strengthening of the organization.

Part of the Sitecore expansion came when the company acquired the development team and intellectual property of Pectora, single-source online publishing, along with the introduced Adaptive Print Studio, that delivers “…more dynamic, personalized, customer-facing print media,” the company said.  With acquisitions and new hires, Sitecore reported that overall employee headcount increased by over 40%, in the fiscal year for the company.  

Regional Growth

Regionally, the Web Content Management company also strengthened its footprint in Asia and Europe, and reports “rapid growth in the North American and Australian organizations."

Learning Opportunities

The company helped expand global reach with a “…full-scale entry into the Japanese market last year.” Sitecore characterizes the move as “developing strongly.” It also reported a leading Japanese media outlet, MSN Sankei Photo, adopted the company’s cloud solution to power its photo publishing and sharing site. Also in Asia, Sitecore has added a presence in China and Singapore.  

The company said its business in Germany “…is gaining momentum on the back of the strong recovery of the economy,” and Sitecore also expanded into Poland.  

Additional offices were opened in Canada and the United States, for training, sales support and partner and account teams. Sitecore said it has professionals on the ground in 50 countries, working with more than 700 certified partners and 4,500 certified developers worldwide, with solutions that are deployed by more than 2,500 customers and powering 32,000 websites. 

The company also boasts signing key brands this past fiscal year, including Carnival Cruise Lines, Colliers International, Comcast, Heineken, Nestlé, Royal Dutch Gazelle, Royal Navy, TOP-TOY, Visa Europe and Verizon.