Sitecore Foundry Multisite Management
Following a recent surge in globalization and multi-site management popularity, web CMS provider Sitecore has released Foundry 2.0. The enhanced tool addresses the need of international companies to maintain a consistent global brand while allowing regional affiliates to localize their websites.Building upon the latest CMS product version -- Sitecore 6.0 -- Foundry 2.0 adds new personalization settings for individual site users and Foundry Control Center (FCC) tools. The new Foundry allows users to manage multiple websites from the Foundry interface, offering more personalization capabilities to individual, site-level users and advanced tools for centralized management.

What's New in Foundry?

The new features will allow organizations to make more customizations. More control is shared among all the users, which means that more users can actively participate in the management of content. Access controls ensure that only the users who have access to certain parts of the site can make modifications. This ultimately results in more control with more security. With the new personalization settings, local site users have the ability to establish and manage their own personal user settings and localized content, such as local services, schedules, regional events and news items. The advanced Foundry Control Center now offers a wizard-driven site creation tool. Global administrators can use this tool to provision new Foundry sites and control an array of site options, such as establishing the default content language. Additionally, Foundry 2.0 enables the administrators to track and view systems status of all their affiliated sites, adjust site settings and perform global system functions centrally. Despite the seeming easiness of this and that, global content management is not easy. Creating templates with "local" layouts and colors may not be difficult. Cloning websites with an idea of translating them into various languages can also be done. But translation and localization parts of this process prove to be quite an effort for many organizations. This goes beyond a CMS and into the hands of companies specializing in this area.

Globalization Has Never Been More Important

“We’ve recently seen a groundswell of activity with large affiliate-oriented organizations wanting to implement Foundry,” stated Paul Markun, VP of marketing at Sitecore. The idea of global content management is not new, and most of Sitecore's competitors, with SDL Tridion, Fatwire and Interwoven leading the pack, have been working hard on their CMS's globalization capabilities for a long time. With Gilbane's recent report on the crucial importance of managing global content properly, it is becoming evident that more and more companies struggle with producing multilingual content that is “appropriate for targeted global trade and business expansion,” and they need proper tools to do that.