SiteExecutive (news, site) packs in the foot-soldier friendly features with a new update to make things more accessible from the road.

Support for Google Android

Less than three months after its last Enhancement release, Systems Alliance, the company behind SiteExecutive, a Web-based CMS popular among health and education services, has released Enhancement Pack 7 to users. The latest update adds support for Android-based mobile devices.

The product will identify any Android device and provide an optimized experience for it. In the background, SiteExecutive can help manage content that can be custom imported, get templates created as well as assist with usability and accessibility testing.

With Android phones currently shipping tens of thousands of units a day, it is starting to generate momentum in a crowded marketplace. By adding support, SiteExecutive will endear buyers and users who are focused on Android as an up and coming platform.

User Requests include SharePoint, Java Portlet Standards

SiteExecutive is regarded as a user-driven product and, as such, many user requests get built-in to the product. This pack's biggie is support for the latest version of ColdFusion 9 from Adobe. Also among the latest with this update is support for Firefox 3.6, performance improvements and tweaked automatic site-map creation.

Improved SharePoint integration, Microsoft Office file support and built-in support for the Java portlet standards: JSR-168 and JSR-286 round out the list.

SiteExecutive is a web building tool as well as a CMS, with ease of use for non-technical staff as a priority. It is available as a hosted service or SaaS. Discounts are available for charities, not-for-profits, some schools and small colleges.