Six Apart Launches TypePad Micro, Free Microblogging Service

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Six Apart Launches TypePad Micro, Free Microblogging Service
This week Six Apart (news, site) launched their very own microblogging service to complement the burgeoning family of TypePad conversational media hubs. TypePad Micro aims not to compete, but to work in tandem with popular services like Twitter.  

The Littlest Guy

Chris Alden, CEO of Six Apart, describes the new mini platform like this:

...a new, completely free level of TypePad that is streamlined for microblogging. We see this new form of blogging emerging -- living between the short status updates of Facebook and Twitter and the full-length posts of classic blogs -- and we want to make that easy and fun with TypePad Micro.

Some features include:

  • Profiles
  • Following capabilities
  • A dashboard with activity streams of the people you follow
  • Sign-in and cross posting to Facebook and Twitter
  • Posting by e-mail and bookmarklet
  • Favoriting and a favorite button for post footers

The 'F' Word

Oh yeah! We said 'free' and we meant it. Though similar services are *also* free, TypePad Micro is particularly interesting because TypePad never does free. Ever. 

Make no mistake, this isn't simply a desperate game of catch-up, or what some are calling a reaction to the growing popularity around platforms like Posterous and Tumblr. Different from their microblogging function for the TypePad platform, the TypePad team has reportedly been working on this platform for about a year now, and their growing efforts around community building have become pretty apparent.

Learning Opportunities

TypePad recently launched a new open source application for building custom communities called TypePad Motion. The community builder gives publishers and marketers the opportunity to create vibrant, branded communities for deepening customer loyalty and increasing page views. Along with TypePad Micro, the tools work to promote social interaction across the Six Apart galaxy.

Feel like trying it out? You already know it won't cost you a dime and it seems like a pretty good entry point to the TypePad world if you've yet to familiarize yourself.