Social Media Analytics from Autonomy Interwoven
Autonomy is all about getting meaning out of something, anything. So it's really not surprising that Autonomy Interwoven (news, site) has announced a new solution that provides analytics for social media solutions -- meaning based analytics that is.

Powered by the Mighty IDOL

The Autonomy Interwoven Social Media Analysis solution is a combination of the Autonomy Interwoven web content management system and Autonomy IDOL (Intelligent Data Operating Layer). It is designed to provide organizations with the ability to understand and leverage the conversations happening in social networks to make some money.

Here's how it works:

  1. Connect 'em Up: Use one or two of the Autonomy intellient social network connectors (say to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter --  there's lot more) to enable searching user generated content from a central location. Note that IDOL also has connectors into more traditional information and channels, like the CRM, the call center and DAM solutions. Having everything searchable in one place makes life a little easier doesn't it?
  2. IDOLize the Information: Let IDOL analyze the information and provide clusters of sentiment - good and bad. You can even set a threshold for a particular sentiment. Marketers can take this information and determine trends to take advantage of.
  3. Leverage the WCM: Use TeamSite, LiveSite or Optimost to deliver targeted, dynamic content based on the trends determined from the IDOL analysis. Use TeamSite to deliver special content or social media tools like ratings and comments and then use Optimost to test the effectiveness of the new content and functionality.

Social Media Analysis - the Next Big Thing

It was only a matter of time before Autonomy offered analytic capabilities for Social Media. After all, Telligent can't be the only game in town who understands the value of sentiment.

We know that we are increasingly influenced by what is said and done in social networks and communities. So obviously it's important for organizations to be able to track what's happening and make some sense out of it, whether that's about making money or providing valuable services to your communities.

And as we said a few times already, traditional web analytics just won't cut it. So if you are an Autonomy Interwoven customer or thinking about becoming one, here's another solution in the growing list of solutions coming out that you need to take into consideration.

Autonomy Interwoven Social Media Analysis is available now.