Squiz of Sydney and the UK is on the Open Source CMS boat. They are demonstrating their new enterprise-class release at the Online Information conference this week in the UK, where they join VYRE and Jadu in premiering their own new e-class offerings. Squiz's take on the Web CMS game is called MySource Matrix, a CMS solution that is offered as commercial open source software. Version 3.10 has a number of notable new features for Internet publishers. Among them are improved administrative control with a dual Asset Map interface and updated personalization capabilities. The Matrix wields its strength on the back-end enabling administrators to better track user activity, organize data, tune site caching, and efficiently load batches of information. Squiz is taking advantage of their time at Information Management to join the chatter about CMS and its relation to Web 2.0. With their latest white paper, Communications 2.0: Beta is Better, Squiz's Roger Warner discusses common Web 2.0 misconceptions and the peculiar challenges "communicators" (like us!) face in the 2.0 tangle. And, thankfully, he also provides guidance as to how best to close those gaps between content managers and the end user. Squiz Director Steve Morgan notes, "We're really looking forward to this event [... ] We're keen to show them that in today's 'Web 2.0' world, Matrix is the least risky and most cost-effective way of introducing new services to new audiences." Nice. Well, we figured a CMS vendor's manifesto about the changing face of online communications couldn't be without its requisite "Get the Matrix!" plug.